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[2004 PNW BJD Expo Online Event] ID75 – Kay 1/6 BJD DOLL

Perfect Christmas gifts,Mini Bjd Doll, birthday gifts,Realistic Bjd Doll, boys and girls accompanying items,Doll Ball Joints, decorations,Bjd Mermaid, private collections,

1/3 BJD DOLL 24672 Dolls of the World Swedish Barbie Doll

NRFB.  Box is in good condition but not mint.  Hej (Hello)! I am Swedish Barbie doll and I want to

1/3 BJD DOLL 25813 Barbie as Glinda from Wizard of Oz (Talking) Doll

1999.  NRFB.  Dressed as Glinda,Bjd Doll Eyes, she has long,1/3 Bjd Doll, curly strawberry-blonde hair topped by a tall lavender-pink

1/3 BJD DOLL 947 Brides Dream Barbie Fashion M/C on Card Doll

Mint and complete outfit on card.  Includes bridal gown,Tinyfox Bjd, veil with pearls,Jointed Doll, graduated pearl necklace,Bjd Doll Base, long

1/3 BJD DOLL 961 Evening Splendor Barbie Fashion Mint/No Hanky/Earrings Doll

#961 Evening Splendor Barbie Fashion.  Mint.  Missing hankie and pearl stud earrlings. Please ask questions before buying.  There are no

1/3 BJD DOLL Christmas Elf Barbie OOAK Doll

OOAK. Christmas Elf Barbie.  Handmade outfit,Bjd Doll Head, beautiful re-paint,Dollzone Bjd, re-root and has “elf” ears. Additional information Weight 0.00

1/3 BJD DOLL DYX74 BFMC Blue Chiffon Ball Gown Barbie Doll

The Barbie® Fashion Model Collection takes a look back at timeless couture and adds a twist to create the New

1/3 BJD DOLL G7982 Disney Holiday Princess Cinderella Doll

NRFB.  Cinderella is dressed in a gorgeous,Bjd Doll Wig, faux fur-trimmed,Tinyfox Bjd, sparkly holiday gown with cape and muff. Includes

1/3 BJD DOLL GHT80 Star Wars Darth Vader X Barbie Doll

The Star Wars™ x Barbie® collaboration is an homage to Star Wars: A New Hope. This eponymous collection,Dollzone Bjd, inspired

1/3 BJD DOLL HJX03 Barbie Signature Lunar New Year Barbie Doll by Guo Pei. NRFB Doll

Chinese couturier Guo Pei once again to create a resplendent two-piece couture look inspired by a design from one of

1/3 BJD DOLL Vintage Barbie Clear Open Toe Heels w/Gold Glitter (One Heel Slightly Bent) Doll

One heel is slightly bent.  Mint.  Pair of clear open toe heels (mules) with gold glitter. Additional information Weight 0.00