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1/3 BJD DOLL 979 Friday Nite Date Barbie Fashion Doll

Mint.  Fashion includes corduroy jumper with felt appliques,Reddit Bjd, white cotton underdress,Bjd Clothes, black open toe heels,Miku Bjd, black tray

1/3 BJD DOLL Barbie Rocky Mountain Mod Barbie 2002 Maude Mod Bear MWMT Doll

Rocky Mountain Mod Barbie Convention,Yosd Doll, Denver 2002. Additional information Weight 0.00 kg

1/3 BJD DOLL FXD77 Inspiring Women Sally Ride Barbie Doll

2019.  Barbie® recognizes all female role models. The Inspiring Women™ Series pays tribute to incredible heroines of their time –

1/3 BJD DOLL Hallmark Ornament Springtime Barbie 1 1995 Doll

1995.  Easter Collection.  First in the new Springtime Barbie series.  Never removed from box.  Box is mint. Additional information Weight

1/6 BJD DOLL 01521 Classique Collection Benefit Ball Barbie Doll

LE. 1992. The premier doll in the elegant and popular Classique Collection. With titian hair,Resinsoul Bjd Doll, a stunning metallic

1/6 BJD DOLL 11397 Great Eras Egyptian Queen Barbie Doll

1994. Barbie? doll is an Egyptian queen in this royal costume capturing the essence of Egypt’s Golden Age. She wears

1/6 BJD DOLL 12953 Star Lily Bride Barbie (Porcelain) NRFB in Shipper Doll

1995. Porcelain Wedding Flower Collection. Limited Edition. Part of the Wedding Flower Collection®,Cheap Bjd Dolls, a series dedicated to the

1/6 BJD DOLL 16295 Disney Cruella De Vil Power in Pinstripes 1 Doll

NRFB.  1st in the Disney’s Great Villains Collection. Power in Pinstripes. Additional information Weight 0.00 kg