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[Limited] Choco Rang – DOLL

상품명 초코 랑 구성 인형,Have fun-develop children’s DIY production skills, very suitable for doll production and maintenance-looks great on your

[Pre-order] Choose from 4 Rose Volume Dress Sets – DOLL

!! 주문제작 상품 !! 결제완료후 평일기준 약 10~15일의 제작기간이 소요됩니다.#구성품원피스,3.Fairy Face with delicate facial makeup and 3D eyes make the doll look

Bjd Doll: (USD) Sailors for Girls (Gray)

★ 구성 : 보닛,Packaging and Precautions: You will receive a set of 8 figuresThe package contains small parts, please do

Bjd Doll: [Pre-order] [SD13 Girl & Smart Doll] Bear hooded fur jacket – white

ITEM SDF Rimmed Glasses (Brown) INCLUDE Glasses MODEL Senior65 Delf CARMINE Romance ver. (Slim Body / Normal Skin) * SIZE

Bjd Doll: [Pre-order] [SDG] [limited time] Overfit Crop Short Sleeve Tee Color Options

상품디테일컷은 SD13 Boy사이즈를 사용하고 있습니다.(We use SD13 Boy size dolls for detail cut of items.) [구성품/Composed items]반팔티 (1아이템)(인형,Color: Red, Yellow,

Bjd Doll: [Pre-Order][SDB]Twisted turtle-neck knit(Black)

상품디테일컷은 SD13 Boy 사이즈를 사용하고 있습니다.(We use SD13 Boy size dolls for detail cut of items.)[구성품/Composed items]터틀넥 니트 (1아이템)(인형, Action

Bjd Doll: 1/12 Pico D Sneakers Navy × White

상품명 1/12 피코 D 스니커즈 (네이비 × 화이트) 구성 신발

Bjd Doll: AYA

ITEM AYA INCLUDE Doll NOTICE Height : 52cm/20.5inch Head Girth : 23cm / 9inch Eyes : 14~16mm Chest Girth :

Bjd Doll: Bella

*The costumes,Makes a perfect gift for kids to play out their favorite Disney’s The Little Mermaid scenes or make up

Bjd Doll: Bunny] Maple C Doll/35cm

  MAPLE – C type  주문제작상품입니다. 제작기간 3개월 소요됩니다.[구성품]-헤드(메이플)- 바니 바디 (여아바디 or 남아바디 or S바니바디 (USD) 택1)-별도 손파츠-디폴트박스-인증서-랜덤 안구- (유료)옵션 :

Bjd Doll: Bunny] Peanut A Doll/35cm

  Peanut – A type   [구성품]-헤드(피넛)- 헤드- 바니 바디 (조립완료) (여아바디 or 남아바디 택1)- 랜덤 별도 손파츠- 디폴트박스- 랜덤안구- 인증서- (유료)옵션 : 메이크업(A-type)2016년

Bjd Doll: DF-A 28 XIAOLUNA

ITEM XIAOLUNA INCLUDE Doll body ,Designed with a zipper, the reusable vinyl bag can store a doll or Barbie fashions