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1/3 BJD DOLL 1921 Skipper School Girl Fashion Mint/Incomplete Doll

Mint.  Missing apple only.  Glasses are not in the image but are included. Additional information Weight 0.00 kg

1/3 BJD DOLL 25507 Victorian Tea Collection 2. Orange Pekoe Barbie (Porcelain). NRFB Doll

2000. Victorian Tea Collection. Limited to less than 4,Bjd Doll Base,000 dolls worldwide! One of the most limited porcelain dolls

1/3 BJD DOLL 860 Vintage Midge Blue Swimsuit 2 Doll

Good condition.  Vintage Midge blue swimsuit set. Additional information Weight 0.00 kg

1/3 BJD DOLL B3299 My Scene Barbie Fashion Doll

This is from the very first collection of My Scene in 2002. This is the “Chelsea” fashion – blue jeans,Japanese

1/3 BJD DOLL GHT95 Barbie Signature Barbie BMR1959 (Neon Motorcross) Doll

The BMR1959™ collection celebrates the fashion heritage of Barbie® and showcases how current trends influence the brand. These bold,1/4 Bjd

1/6 BJD DOLL 14664 Statue of Liberty Barbie (FAO Exclusive) Doll

RETAIL. $150 1996. She’s a symbol of liberty and a beacon of beauty. Meet Statue of Liberty Barbie,Animal Bjd, the

1/6 BJD DOLL 20544 Elvis Presley (Comeback Special 1968) Doll

1998. Mattel commemorates the 30th Anniversary of Elvis’ 1968 TV Special,Bjd Boy Doll, one of the celebrated events in his

1/6 BJD DOLL 53974 Coca-Cola Barbie (Majorette) Doll

2002. Make way for COCA-COLA Barbie doll! She’s dressed and ready to lead the marching band in this adorable Majorette

1/6 BJD DOLL C3821 Marisa Pretty Young Thing (Model of the Moment) Doll

NRFB .Gold Label® Designed by: Robert Best Release Date: 10/1/2004 Marisa® Pretty Young Thing™ doll wears a trendy outfit that