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[All] Dollmore 16″ Fashion Doll Head Ball Jointed Doll

This is the payment window where Dollmoa 16″ Fashion Doll head is sold. Dollfie Dream Doll, we hope that many

[I♥Doll vol.66 Tokyo Limited] ID75 – Hwa 1/6 BJD DOLL

About random note: Each blind box is randomly arrangedthe 4pcs consists of all of the 4 different figure. Eyes are

[Mr.Hoffmann’s Toy Box Limited] ID75 – Void (Brown Tan, LE Qty.15) 1/6 BJD DOLL

Description Pre-order BJD dolls inspire collectors to explore different aesthetics and design periods. & Part-y of a complete breakfast: L.O.Lsurprise

[Tears Land]Rou Rou | Preorder | DOLL BJD

Status: PreorderCategory: DOLLProduct Size Classification: 20cmGender: GirlMaker: ISLAND DOLLSet Contents:・DOLL Main Body(Assembled)Head (LEI28-1) + LEI28 angel body・Certificate・Box*Wig and Outfit are not

Angel.Persephone-Light ver.(with Gift Head) ball jointed doll | limited BJD

Status: PreorderCategory: BDJ DOLLProduct Size Classification: 40cmGender: GirlMaker: SOUL DOLLSet Contents:Basic Doll Includes: Nude Doll, 14mm Eye, Tension Rubber, Certificate, Cushion,

Azuki SP Ball-jointed doll BJD

Status: PreorderCategory: BJD DOLLProduct Size Classification: 20cmGender: GirlMaker: Asleep Eidolon Set Contents:Basic Doll Includes: Nude Doll, 6mm Eyes(only if make

CaiCai | Preorder | DOLL BJD

Status: PreorderCategory: DOLLProduct Size Classification: 40cmGender: Boy | GirlMaker: 2D Doll Set Contents:・DOLL Main Body(Assembled)* No makeup・Eyes*14mm (random)・Certificate・Box*Shoes, Outfit and Wig are not

Catish Girl Doll Reaa Make-up Head Klasse Cancan LE3 (White) Ball Jointed Doll

* Catish Girl Doll – Klasse Cancan ; White Rose Reaa – LE3 This is Catish Girl Reaa’s whitening head.

Chestnut Sauce Ball-Jointed Doll BJD

Status: PreorderCategory: BJD DOLLProduct Size Classification: 20cmGender: GirlMaker: XAGADOLL [About additional head & makeup options]*Until 2023.Crobidoll,04.Bjd Clothes,4 (Tue)Additional purchase option

CROW -Ball Jointed DOLL | Preorder | [Limited time] BJD

Status: PreorderCategory: BJD DOLLProduct Size Classification: 60cmGender: BoyMaker: I.Bjd Doll Base,O.Bjd Doll Wig,S・Order start date:  October 6, 2023   (Friday)    07:00PM・Order end

Edgar 1/6 BJD DOLL

BJD dolls embody the artistic collaboration between sculptors and enthusiasts. Fun unboxing: Spin the cylinders to see kristal strike different

Elf Elly Girl Sweet Dew Banji LE50 Ball Jointed Doll

This is ‘Banji’, a small and slender girl who fits in the palm of your hand. Granado Bjd, black lace