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[2012 Free Choice] ID75 1/6 BJD DOLL

Gender: Girls; Dimensions: 1/6,Dollfie Doll,Color: White,Bjd Doll Wig, Pink,Ball Jointed Doll Male, Black,Resinsoul Bjd Doll, Green, Cool features: Vaddon has

[2021 Summer Event] B.J.Hands (UA Kit) 1/6 BJD DOLL

Designed with a zipper,Mini Bjd Doll, the reusable vinyl bag can store a doll or Barbie fashions and accessories Kids

1/3 BJD DOLL 1057 Barbie Groovin Gauchos M/C Doll

#1057 Groovin’ Gauchos. VHTF Record; Rare Neck Piece; HTF boots. Additional information Weight 0.00 kg

1/3 BJD DOLL 1626 Dancing Doll Barbie Fashion Doll

NRFB.  Vintage Fashions.  Boxes are wrapped in heavy plastic to protect. For serious buyers only,Male Bjd, please contact us for

1/3 BJD DOLL 1766 Wild Bunch Francie Fashion ..Coat Dress Only Doll

Coat and Dress Only.  Mint condition.  For serious interest,Bjd Wigs, please email for any additional images. Additional information Weight 0.00

1/3 BJD DOLL 1915 Skipper Outdoor Casual Sweater/Dickie/YoYo Doll

Skipper turquoise sweater,Realistic Ball Jointed Dolls, dickie and yo-yo only. Additional information Weight 0.00 kg

1/3 BJD DOLL 7787 Barbie Get-Ups N Go Skiing Outfit Doll

NRFB.  Shrink wrapped.  Fair condition.  Has water mark on front. Additional information Weight 0.00 kg

1/3 BJD DOLL B3426 Barbie Fan Club Hollywood Divine Barbie Brunette NRFB in Shipper Doll

Members of the 2004 Barbie℠ Fan Club received this doll as part of their membership. Designed by Katiana Jimenez,Doll Ball

1/3 BJD DOLL Barbie makeover by artist, Ann Miele. Full re-root, vintage fashion, boots, jewelry; Repaint Doll

Ann Miele creation.   Repainted,Cute Bjd Dolls, Styled with vintage Barbie fashion with accessories and jewelry,Ball Jointed Doll Body, boots as

1/3 BJD DOLL C3722 The Flintstones Barney Rubble (Kelly Doll) Doll

NRFB.  Very Good Condition Box.  Image shows actual doll. Additional information Weight 0.00 kg

1/3 BJD DOLL FAO Exclusive Barbie Joins World Famous Rockettes NRFB Mint Doll

Special Limited Edition Barbie Joins The World Famous Rockettes Doll is a 1992 Mattel/FAO Schwarz production. Includes: 11.5″ Barbie Doll,Mdd

1/3 BJD DOLL Fashion Queen Wigs Vintage Doll

Fashion Queen Wigs – Vintage Additional information Weight 0.00 kg