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Bjd Doll: Parabox Twin Tail Hair – Cream Yellow 4.5inch

상품명 트윈 테일 – 크림 옐로우 4.5inch 11.5cm 구성 가발 NOTICE * 사이즈 : 4.5inch * 사진은 샘플입니다. 생산 공정 상황에

Bjd Doll: Pre-order GSDF Overfit Check Shirt Mint

상품명 GSDF 오버핏 체크 셔츠 (민트) 모델 GSDF 주피터 (그랜드 시니어 델프 바디 / 노멀스킨) 촬영용 가발 : EDW-130 (소프트

Bjd Doll: Pre-order SDG Denim Long Skirt Blue Jeans

상품디테일컷은 SD13 Girl 사이즈를 사용하고 있습니다.(We use SD13 Girl size dolls for detail cut of items.)[구성품/Composed items]스커트 (1아이템)(인형,Decoration & Gifts

Bjd Doll: S 02 DD

Resin eyeball parts for [DD] [S-02] Full size 20mm. Size of Iris (22mm size iris applied)      * Item Features- UV Block- 0 Miniral

Celtis – DOLL

ITEM Celtis INCLUDE Doll body, Features This bjd doll is around 30cm(11.81 inches) height, and she wears gorgeous clothes we

HDF Children Zoo SET (Piggy) – DOLL

ITEM HDF Children Zoo SET (Piggy) COMPATIBLE PDF,Note-Only wigs are included in the package, not dolls and other accessories!Bjd, Package

Monsieur Lapin – DOLL

ITEM Monsieur Lapin INCLUDE Doll body,Official Licensed Product Design by FASHIONMORE Green Life 11cm Banpresto.Bjd Amazon,HANDS-ON FUN CREATING UNIQUE SUDSY

OUT BAG Light Blue M – DOLL

ITEM OUT BAG (Light Blue) M COMPATIBLE KDF   NOTICE!! * The color of the item in the photo can

Raspberry – DOLL

ITEM Raspberry INCLUDE Doll body, Ideal GiftAn ideal gift for your childrenThese baby doll accessories are well made and quite


Product  SADOL – Love 60 Yena INCLUDES  doll body,Base Stand included Official Licensed Product BLEACH Figure from Banpresto!Bjd Doll Clothes,The

SDF65 Hush Turtleneck Mustard – DOLL

ITEM SDF65 Hush Turtleneck (Mustard) MODEL 2016 Winter Event Head INCLUDE T-Shirts   NOTICE!! * The material of the item

SDF65 Sweat shirt_Glassess – DOLL

ITEM SDF65 Sweat shirt_Glassess INCLUDE  Sweat shirt MODEL in the photo : SDF65 VerdeWIG in the photo : DW-130 CreamSHOES in